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Smartphone Apps Help Drivers Stay Focused | April 17, 2014

Distracted driving is a major hazard on the road. In 2012, more than 421,000 people were hurt in traffic collisions caused by drivers who were distracted – often by the use of mobile technology. In response, a number of companies are offering apps that limit the ability of drivers to…


Burch | George | Germany | Trial Lawyers

Attorneys Derek Burch and Kelly George have been colleagues and friends for decades. Sharing similar interests, professional philosophies and a serious commitment to providing professional and ethical representation to each client, they founded the law firm of Burch & George 1997. READ MORE


Featured Practice Area | Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers cause thousands of accidents every year across the United States and in Oklahoma. The resulting injuries and damage can be extensive when 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks collide with smaller vehicles, such as cars, pickups and motorcycles. READ MORE