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May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

When you are expecting a baby, you want to be sure that you receive the prenatal care that you need to ensure the healthy pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of pregnant women each year. Without…

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What It Means For Oklahoma Drivers To Get In An Accident In An At-Fault State

When you are involved in a car crash or collision, the financial impacts can be severe. Even a minor accident can leave you with extensive property damage, medical bills, and injuries that could affect your ability to work and provide…

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Labor and Delivery — Pain Free or Drug Free? Know Your Options

Our Oklahoma birth injury attorneys discuss drug-free and pain-free labor and delivery options.

Each expectant mother handles her labor and delivery differently. While some moms want to have a natural childbirth with no drugs, others choose to use pain medications. Regardless of what alternative a mother chooses, it is important that she is…

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Winners of Teen Safety Oklahoma Scholarship Contest Selected

Burch, George & Germany announces the winners of our 2015 Teen Safety Scholarship in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma City law firm Burch George & Germany is pleased to present three scholarships totaling $4,500 to the winners of the 2nd annual Teen Safety Oklahoma Scholarship contest. The attorneys at Burch George and Germany take seriously our role…

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Knowing Your Legal Rights During Childbirth in Oklahoma

Our Oklahoma birth injury attorneys discuss your legal rights during childbirth in Oklahoma.

When you are preparing for childbirth in Oklahoma, something that you may not think much about—but that is very important—is the scope of your legal rights in the event that something goes wrong. While most babies are born without major…

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What Exactly is a Free Consultation?

Contact our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

Many personal injury lawyers offer potential clients a free consultation and advertise this service on websites. But people who have never dealt with an attorney may be wary and unsure what to expect when you contact a lawyer and request…

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