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What It Means For Oklahoma Drivers To Get In An Accident In An At-Fault State

When you are involved in a car crash or collision, the financial impacts can be severe. Even a minor accident can leave you with extensive property damage, medical bills, and injuries that could affect your ability to work and provide…

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A Child At College Can Cost Parents in More Ways Than One

Our Oklahoma city car accident lawyers discuss parental liability in car accidents caused by college students.

For parents and young adults alike, going off to college marks a transition from childhood to adulthood. College is often the first time the young person has been away from home for an extended period of time. The student is…

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Oklahoma Trooper Shortage – What to Do If You Need Assistance on the Highway

Our Oklahoma city car accident lawyers report that Oklahoma has a trooper shortage.

We are concerned and some may be alarmed by a recent report that says recruitment of Oklahoma State Highway Patrol troopers is not keeping up with statewide need. OK troopers are primarily known for enforcing traffic laws and assisting motorists…

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How to Report Dangerous Road Conditions in Oklahoma City

Our car accident lawyers discuss how to report dangerous road conditions in Oklahoma City.

If you have had a car accident, suffered a fall or been hurt because of a pothole or other dangerous road conditions in Oklahoma City, you can do more than get angry about it. One thing you can do is…

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Be Careful: What You Do After a Car Accident Could Harm You More Than the Collision

If you are involved in a car accident in Oklahoma, there are certain common missteps and omissions that you will want to avoid. Otherwise, they may come back to haunt you later. Well intended statements that you make to the…

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Make Safety Priority for Summer Trips

Teen car accidents and how to avoid teen car crashes.

The last thing people think about when they hit the highway for summer vacation is a terrible car crash. More than likely, they’re focused on seeing your family or friends or spending time at a favorite vacation spot. Traffic statistics…

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