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Archive: Distracted Driving

The Surprising Number of Teen Distracted Driving Accidents

Our Oklahoma City car accident lawyers report that a surprising number of teens are involved in distracted driving accidents.

Distracted driving causes far more accidents involving teen drivers than previously recognized, according a recent comprehensive study by the AAA Foundation for Highway Safety. The video analysis of more than 1,700 accidents involving teen drivers in cars equipped with cameras…

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Trooper Fatality Could Affect Anti-Texting Bill

Texting and driving accidents - Due to distracted driving Oklahoma.

An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to raise awareness about the dangers of cell phones and driving, in the wake of news that a man involved in a crash killed one state trooper and injured another while distracted by social media. State…

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Google Glass No Safer for Drivers than Cell Phone

Oklahoma city car accident lawyer

Many drivers erroneously believe that hands-free technology is safe to use when driving. But two recent studies suggest that hands-free technology still causes mental distractions for drivers trying to navigate the roadways. The first scientific study of Google Glass found…

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Burch, George & Germany Offers Teen Safety Scholarships

Take videos and photos as evidence - Oklahoma car accident lawyers.

Do you want to deter your friends from texting and driving – while earning money for college? The law firm of Burch, George & Germany is offering Oklahomans the opportunity to win up to $1,000 in scholarship funds by creating…

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Hidden Camera Reveals Teen Texting While Driving

The oklahoma city car accident lawyer warn teens against texting and driving.

Texting while driving is a dangerous practice that causes accidents. Most states have laws that prohibit drivers from texting behind the wheel. However, a recent report by WTVR of Richmond, Virginia found that many drivers, particularly teens, have a hard…

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Roadrageous! Motorists Rank Most Annoying Driving Habits

Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

American motorists call texting and driving the most annoying habit on the road, worse even than tailgating. It’s also one of the habits that puts drivers at greatest risk of a car accident, and it’s illegal in 43 states and…

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