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Archive: Motorcycle Accident

Put Emphasis on Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

Our Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorneys put emphasis on safety while riding a motorcycle.

The summer months mean longer days for motorcyclists to spend riding through Oklahoma’s cities and countryside. Unfortunately, motorcycles are inherently dangerous because they have less stability than passenger cars, provide no protection in crashes and have a narrow profile that…

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Motorcyclists Suffer Most in Car Collisions

Our Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorneys examine car and motorcycle collisions.

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, even if you are a careful rider, wear a helmet and reflective gear and take every safety precaution. You just can’t control what other motorists will do. When motorcycles are involved in crashes with automobiles,…

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Oklahoma State-OKC Offers Motorcycle Rider Safety Course

Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorney

If you were flipping through the pages of The Oklahoman recently, you might have overlooked the article about motorcycle rider training courses being offered at Oklahoma State University-OKC. For any novice biker, it’s critically important to develop solid fundamental riding…

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Motorcycle Fatalities Rise in Oklahoma Despite Drop Nationally

Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer reported that motorcycle fatalities rise in oklahoma despite drop nationally

Riding season for Oklahoma motorcyclists is arriving with conflicting news: The state saw an increase in fatalities from motorcycle accidents in 2013 despite a nationwide decrease. The Governors Highway Safety Association is projecting a 7 percent drop in the number…

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Safety Tips for Oklahoma Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accident rates for 2012 are alarming – nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders died last year, an increase of about 7 percent from 2011, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. About 93,000 motorcyclists were injured, an increase of about…

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Honda Focuses Research on Reducing Pedestrian, Driver, and Motorcycle Accidents

Honda, one of the world’s leading auto makers, debuted some interesting new safety technologies in Detroit on August 29 as part of a research project to reduce car collisions, pedestrian fatalities, and motorcycle crashes. The advanced vehicle and pedestrian tracking…

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