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2nd Annual Teen Safety Oklahoma Scholarship

The winners of our 2015 2nd Annual Teen Safety Scholarship have been announced!

Congratulations to:

1st place – Catherine McNiell

2nd place – Coral Van Dyne

3rd place – Katelyn Dinh

Attention Young Oklahomans! Write an Essay about OK’s new Texting while Driving Ban, and Win a $2,500 College Scholarship!

Texting and driving poses a serious safety hazard for young drivers in Oklahoma. To spread the message about the dangers of texting and driving, Burch, George & Germany is sponsoring the second annual Teen Safety Scholarship contest.

Scholarships in Oklahoma

Our law firm will award three scholarships to high school juniors and seniors and students of 4-year and 2-year colleges and universities who write a 600+ word essay answering one of our prompts about the ban on texting and driving. Here’s how to enter:

Choose one of the following questions to answer with a 600+ word essay:

  • In what ways will the ban on texting and driving improve the community?
  • How will you bring awareness to the new texting while driving ban?

Send us an email to and include:

  • Your essay in a Word Doc, Docx, or PDF format
  • A digital headshot (.jpg or .png)
  • Your full name, school, and phone number

Oklahoma’s Ban on Texting while Driving

Sending text messages takes drivers’ eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel and their mind off the task of driving and remaining alert for oncoming traffic. Beginning November 1st, 2015, Oklahoma’s ban on texting while driving is in effect. This ban means that if you are caught texting behind the wheel, you will face a $100 fine. However, the consequences of texting and driving surpass any monetary fine and could be deadly. What can we do in Oklahoma to spread awareness about the ban and the good it will do for our community? We’re confident our young drivers have some creative ideas.

To enter the contest, you’ll need to send an essay answering a question about the new texting while driving ban in Oklahoma. We’re seeking clever essays that offer a fresh take on the dangers of texting and driving. The tone can be light-hearted or serious, as long as it’s original. Also include a digital photo of yourself while applying.

The deadline for submitting entries is 11:59 p.m. CST Dec. 1, 2015.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving your Oklahoma scholarship college education contest entries.

As a law firm active in all 77 counties in Oklahoma, Burch, George & Germany is dedicated to making our state a safer place to live and raise families. We recognize that our young people are our communities’ most precious resource. We are committed to helping young Oklahoma students receive a college education to pursue their career goals.

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For questions about the Burch, George & Germany Teen Safety Scholarship contest, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


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